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Ray & Jules 'the sunny kind of coffee' , that is coffee roasted on solar energy . Our sustainable coffee is especially tasty; taste assured, with honest beans and a freshly packaged slow roast.

The more you enjoy it, the more impact we have together!


Batch roasting technology was invented in 1880 and has changed little since then. It is an old, energy-intensive process: every year the large food roasters emit millions of tons of CO2 .

When Ray & Jules founder Koen and his team of engineers were confronted with the energy-consuming batch roasters in a large-scale roasting plant, he decided to do something about it.

stubbornly persevere

The engineers proposed an out-of-the-box alternative to the roastery, but the idea was dismissed as "too innovative". Koen stubbornly persisted. He built his own prototype, took the plunge and launched Ray & Jules to show there is a better way to do business.

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machine: check! Now the coffee

In 2017, sisters Lieze and Sarah - our roasters - brought in decades of knowledge and authentic recipes with the takeover of a traditional roasting company. Then the learning and trying began.

We discovered that we can roast coffee up to specialty coffee level. The 'sunroaster' slow-roasts the delicate coffee beans at a low temperature. This gave Lieze and Sarah the opportunity to carefully select the best origins of beans and roast delicious coffee with them.

fair is fair

Unfortunately, we quickly learned that coffee farmers are victims of large corporations. They have a monopoly over the sector. That also became a priority for us.

The first step was the purchase of Fairtrade coffee. In the meantime, we will continue and seek direct relationships with farmers so that they can negotiate their own prices and know where their coffee ends up.

Thanks coffee fans!

Since we started, we have faced many challenges: the outbreak of the pandemic, the start of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis... The first in particular - being lockdown with our children- made us reconsider our entire strategy.

It took creativity, adaptability and passion to keep going. But thanks to a great team and 25,000 coffee fans (!) and ambassadors , we are now here.

to coffee fans

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