The technology

Ray & Jules brings the power of climate tech to the food sector the first industrial solar powered coffee roaster . In this way we fight against millions of CO2 emitted worldwide by large fossil fuel food burners.

From batch to continuous

Traditionally, coffee roasting is often done on gas, to quickly reach high temperatures. When Koen and his team of engineers looked at optimizations of these 'batch roasters', they came up with an out-of-the-box alternative: a hyper-efficient continuous roaster, powered by renewable energy . The beans slide on a belt through small chambers with hot air that circulates several times. 2.5 to 3 times less energy, 100% taste.

Roasting coffee or cocoa with today's batch technology is like driving a Karl Benz three-wheeler on the highway today.

Koen Bosmans, CEO Ray & Jules

Sharing is multiplying

Electric roasting therefore reduces the climate impact of coffee. We hope that our coffee roaster will inspire positive change: by sharing this technology, we multiply the impact.

Beyers Koffie was the first to jump on the bandwagon and ordered a fully electric coffee roaster on an industrial scale with Ray & Jules technology. Read the article on VRTnws .

Who will be next?!

Colleagues from CEE

Our colleagues at CEE are the engineers who build the technology. CEE's mission is to create 'climate positive industries'. Together we try to limit global warming by reducing CO2 emissions and leaving our planet better than we found it.

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Ray & Jules as an example

When Koen wanted to share his innovative ideas in 2014, he was met with disbelief. He stubbornly persevered, built his own prototype and launched a coffee roasting company without any experience or knowledge . Now, 10 years later, Ray & Jules is the example that there is a better, more sustainable way to do business.

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tipping point?

Meanwhile, we see the increasing consequences of global warming and that makes us impatient. Fortunately, our cleantech sister company CEE expanded roasting capabilities and partnerships to include cocoa and malt. And we are starting to see traction with strong global food players, where our technology will have the greatest direct impact in removing CO2 at the source.

And of course this is why we started Ray & Jules!

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