The Best Fuel *

to live life to the full

* Solar roasted coffee, 100% petrol free

We are Ray & Jules, technology geeks, people lovers and coffee freaks. We like our coffee slow roasted, sunny & 100% petrol-free. How about you?
Quality beans

Quality beans

We carefully select the best origins of Arabica coffee. Great flavour & fair working conditions.
Both things we never compromise on.

Slow roasted coffee

Slow roasted

Our unique 'rich slow roasting' process creates a rich, balanced flavour & smoother aromas.
Developed together with Europe's top baristas.

Coffee Powered by the sun

Powered by the sun

A world's first, Ray & Jules built the first solar powered roaster, for everyone:

3x less energy, 100% artisanal taste.

Often at home?

2020 is 'tough' for you and for us: let's be in good spirits together and enjoy when we can.  Now during this period of social scarcity, but also with a hopeful look to a bright future.
We have an audacious goal: a 100% CO2-free and fair coffee chain. And, there you can help us!

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 tasty #discovery packages we created:
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Our story:

Roasting our daily cup of coffee produces 15 million tons of CO2 throughout the world.  Each year. 
Ray & Jules dream of a fair & petrol-free coffee chain.  That’s why we started all-over again and make solar roasted coffee, world's first.

At home, at work or on the go, let’s enjoy our world together and change it cup per cup.
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