The Sunny*
kind of coffee

* Slow roasted on solar power

    We are Ray & Jules, coffee lovers, people-people and technology freaks.  How we like our coffee? Slow roasted, solar-powered.  What about you?

    Coffee with impact

    Ray & Jules 'the sunny kind of coffee', that's coffee roasted on solar energy. Our sustainable coffee is above all delicious; the more you enjoy it, the more impact we have together.
    Taste guaranteed, with honest Arabica beans from sustainable agriculture and a crisp, freshly packaged slow roast!

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    Quality beans

    Quality beans

    We carefully select the best origins fair Arabica beans from sustainable agriculture.

    Slow roasted coffee

    Slow roast, rich flavor

    Your coffee will be super fresh & slow-roasted, ensuring a deliciously rich flavour.

    Coffee Powered by the sun

    Powered by the sun

    First ever in the world, Ray & Jules built a solar-powered coffee roaster.

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    Cup by cup

    Did you know that classic coffee roasters work or fossil fuels? With our unique solar-powered roaster, we reduce our emissions to 0.

    Together with you, we strive for a fair and carbon-free coffee chain. At home or at work, let's change the world together, bag by bag.

    We are fans and recommend you to everyone! Super tasty coffee, with the added bonus of feeling good with every cup. What more could you want?
    — Mireille M.

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    Ray & Jules at work

    Working (back) at the office is a time of connection between colleagues, and good coffee is part of that. With Ray & Jules coffee, you immediately implement your sustainability strategy in an easy, visual and tasty way.

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    a fair and carbon-free coffee sector?