Close to Leuven you find Ray & Jules, world's most sustainable coffee roastery: we roast our coffee slow at low temperature, using 100% solar energy.

    sunny coffee sale for your school or association

    Restaurant days and events have been cancelled, it is not clear what is possible next school year. To give your school or association a financial boost, we organize the sunny coffee sale: a sustainable campaign with 30% proceeds for your organisation, and... little effort.

    Not just any coffee, but the world's first coffee, slow-roasted, 100% solar-powered. Moreover, it's Fairtrade and organic.

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    simply good coffee

    30% of the proceeds of the sale

    This yields a nice amount, if you know that 80% of adults drink coffee. For a medium-sized primary school or association, a well-designed campaign often yields 800-1000EUR. In addition, you support the sustainable goals of your organisation, and you avoid products with a lot of sugar or alcohol.


    We put together a limited number of packages, so that handling remains simple. The coffee will be packaged and labeled per student and per class (or per member and per group). Delivery takes place at your location in a (corona-) safe manner.   And of course we share our playbook with useful tips & tricks.

    solar power
    Lieze, your personal barista

    sustainable together

    15 million tons of CO2 per year: that’s what we can reduce by eliminating fossil-fueled roasting.  And we want to do that together, for our children: together with coffee drinkers, together with associations, together with schools. Through this campaign, you help to realize this sustainable mission .

    coffee assortment

    In consultation, we put together 3 packages, with sun-roasted coffees from Guatemala, Peru and Honduras. These are three delicious Arabica coffees, of Fairtrade and organic origin.

    • Package 1 (7EUR): 1x250g coffee from Guatemala. You can also opt for deca coffee
    • Package 2 (20EUR): 3x250g coffee from Peru, Honduras and Guatemala, one coffee of each origin
    • Package 3 (35EUR): 3x500g coffee from Peru, Honduras and Guatemala, one coffee of each origin


    You can choose between 'beans' or 'ground' coffee.

    solar power

    more info on the sunny coffee sale?

    Lekkere Koffie


    "To make up for our loss of income, the parent council went looking for a sustainable, safe and practical alternative. We came across Ray & Jules. The appointments went smoothly and the packages labeled per class and student are very useful.  We got lots of positive feedback about the coffee itself.   The campaign brought 850EUR extra income for our school.  We are already planning the campaign again this year!" - Drieke Henau, chairman of the parent council

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