What is Cascara?

Cascara – Spanish for 'peel' – is the husk that remains after depulping coffee beans . Delicious as tea, syrup or in a summer iced tea. In 2022, roasters Sarah & Lieze tasted this delicacy for the first time during their origin trip to Colombia. They were immediately convinced and wanted to share this unique, sweet, fruity taste with you!

From residual product to delicacy

Until recently, Cascara was seen as waste from the coffee process. At best it was used as compost or drunk by the locals. Now this residual product has finally been approved for export. Again
a new step to make the coffee chain more sustainable.

What does Cascara taste like?

Curious what Cascara tastes like? It is rich in sugar, so you expect a completely different taste than coffee. You can prepare it in different ways, from a 'simple' tea to a
sweet syrup to enrich your coffee.

Cascara tea recipe

A simple cup of Cascara tea? Take 18g of cascara per 250g of water. Pour just under boiling water over the peels and let steep for 4 minutes (or longer if you prefer stronger).

iced tea

Pour cold water over 100g of Cascara in a French press (or glass jug), stirring to submerge. Add a sprig of rosemary and some lemon slices, cover and infuse for 12 hours. Press (or strain), pour over ice, garnish with fresh herbs – mint works great – and citrus, and enjoy!

Fun fact

We first offered Cascara in 2023, from coffee farmer Juan Pablo in the village of Genova in Colombia. Harvest date July 2022; so most likely our roasters even saw those peels pass through their hands !

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