Fresh is really fresh at Ray & Jules: only when you order is your (just roasted) coffee packaged and a few days later your package will be on your doorstep. But coffee beans lose their magic once you grind them. So a plea to grind your own at home.

freshly ground flavor bomb

The secret of a good cup of coffee is quite complex. For example, the flavors and aroma arise from oxidation and the oils in the bean . When grinding, the oxidation process starts and the oils are released. It goes without saying that at that moment you can deliver a real flavor bomb. Don't wait too long, because after a few minutes the magical moment is already over!

3 reasons to grind your own coffee


you can experiment with the grind size


your unground beans stay fresh longer


you taste the coffee as it was meant to be

Got a taste for it?

Below we offer some suggestions for those considering their own mill. There are different types of grinders, from manual to electric - both freestanding and integrated into your machine. Whichever coffee grinder you choose, always make sure it is clean and dry.

Hand mill

Want to really experience that feeling of freshly ground coffee? A hand grinder is perfect for slow coffee , because you literally have everything under your control. Additional advantage: can go anywhere! Moreover, you don't hear it, so you can make your morning coffee in complete silence.

Our tips: the Hario Skerton Plus ,VDN grinder or the Comandante C40

Separate electric coffee grinder

An electric grinder next to your coffee machine is useful if you drink more coffee. There is a lot of choice here. From a budget-friendly pulse control such as this Bosch or Bodum Bistro where you determine the grinding degree according to the principle; the longer you grind, the finer the coffee.

To electric grinders with a range of settings , such as the Melitta Molino , Wilfa Balance or Sage the Dose Control . These types of grinders have a better grinding mechanism that gets the best out of the beans.

Semi- or fully automatic coffee machine

A perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button ? Choose a fully automatic coffee machine with an integrated grinder. We recommend these: Delonghi Magnifica (espresso) or Melitta Aromafresh (filter).

For those who enjoy the piston experience, the Sage Barista Express is a great option. This semi-automatic espresso machine also looks great in your kitchen.

One last tip

Store your coffee properly; cool (at room temperature), dark and airtight . It is best to use the original packaging, because our resealable bags are specially made to keep the coffee fresh. Push the air out for a moment before closing them. Then your Ray & Jules coffee beans will remain the tastiest!

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