The big news

Finally we were allowed to shout it from the solar panelled roofs: in December 2023 you saw in the news how Beyers announced the construction of an electric roasting plant with Ray & Jules technology. Partly thanks to you, our loyal customers, they believed in our story.

The climate impact of coffee

For those who didn't know yet: coffee is often roasted using gas to quickly reach high temperatures. The electric Ray & Jules roaster uses up to three times less energy. Combine this with renewable energy and the climate impact of coffee is greatly reduced.

A solid innovation!

But if we really want to make an impact, we cannot possibly keep it to ourselves. For a long time, 'La Bomba', the first industrial roaster powered by solar energy, was the only one of its kind. For years we tried to convince other coffee roasters. Thanks to our loyal customers, Beyers Koffie was the first to have enough confidence to take the leap in 2023. Because we share that technology, the amount of CO2 we save multiplies exponentially.

The machine, not the coffee

Of course, it's only about the technology. Our coffee remains our coffee, Ray & Jules remains Ray & Jules. But do you know what that means? That together we really make a difference. You as a coffee drinker change the coffee chain; one roaster convinced, still a whole sector to go.

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