Ray & Jules coffee on the job

    6 cups of sustainable coffee

    make your organisation sustainable

    Achieving your sustainability strategy in an easy and tasty way? More than half of people at work drink at least three coffees a day.

    So switching to honest coffee, freshly roasted on solar energy has a big impact.


    Or treat your employees

    Working in the office is a time of connection between colleagues and that includes delicious coffee. We roast fresh and pack only after your order. And even better: we source our beans fair trade or direct trade and from sustainable agriculture.

    Through an all-in service with a quality espresso machine, we guarantee that your cup of black gold is at its best.

    6 cups of sustainable coffee
    6 cups of sustainable coffee

    super service

    Want to rent or buy a full-service coffee machine? Ray & Jules is a partner of Jura Professional, for quality and energy-efficient coffee machines. Maintenance included - if you want it at least. 

    We also make maximum use of reusable packaging and electric transport.

    In the eco-team within the faculty, we think about how we can be more sustainable. Basically, nobody had thought about coffee yet ... So I suggested making the switch to Ray & Jules.
    — Anahí, research group KU Leuven

    the best coffees in the office

    Birthday Blend

    Pak Ray & Jules Birthday Blend

    Lovely Luna

    Brilliant Ben

    Pak Ray & Jules Brilliant Ben

    your personal BARISTA

    We select for you a balanced range from around the world, with coffees to suit all tastes and prices. The best basis for a delicious espresso, lungo or cappuccino.

    Your coffee is personal. So are we. You like flexible service. So do we. Any question you have goes straight to Ray & Jules, your personal baristas.

    6 cups of sustainable coffee

    Interested or more info? We are at your service.