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    A new coffee we are really proud of. By buying 3 tonnes of coffee from the 2023 harvest from Kavumu, South Kivu, we and Ray & Jules are supporting the project that This Side Up is supporting in that region: combating child labour.

    • 100% Arabica
    • direct trade
    • organic

    The special thing about this coffee


    In this region, there is a lot of child labour on the plantations and consequently school dropouts. This is a reason for coffee traders not to buy coffee, making the situation worse. By buying this coffee through This Side Up, we support these farmers and raise awareness about child labour. Regenerative agriculture is used here for sustainable coffee communities with improved economic, social and environmental security.


    100% arabica beans in and around the Kahuzi Biega Natianal Park area in the Kivu region, eastern Congo, grown at 1400m - 1700m altitude.
    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica with Fernando at the coffee plantation

    Producers & cooperative

    This Preview comes from the village of Kavumu where cultivation and processing is done at home with hand pulp machines and makeshift drying equipment. The challenge here is to address the extreme poverty of farmers through regenerative farming principles. RAEK, the cooperative, was founded in 1996, still relies on subsidies to survive. Despite many challenges, RAEK has carried out punishing work in terms of quality and transparency.

    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica with Fernando at the coffee plantation


    Processing: Washed. The berries are picked manually and after a fermentation of about 24h, completely washed before being dried on drying beds.

    Varieties: Arabica JBM (a type of Typica) and Bourbon (Jackson)

    Importer: This Side Up

    Exporter: RAEK Katana

    What do you taste?

    A sparkling, complex coffee with accents of dried and red fruits such as berries, raspberry and chocolate tones. Bright and sweet, an incredibly versatile cup of coffee.

    Recommended brewing method: espresso (fresh flavour) or filter (fruit, chocolate hints)

    Hybrid coffee plant at plantation Finca Sebastian

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