Sustainable coffee sales for youth movements

    RAY & JULES SUPPORTS YOUR association

    Are you looking for a new, sustainable initiative to raise money for your youth movement or your association? To cover the costs of your operation, to pimp the premises or to finance part of the camp?

    Then Ray & Jules would like to help you! 

    Close to Leuven, you find Ray & Jules, the world's first solar-powered coffee roastery. Our mission? A fair, carbon-free coffee sector by 2050.

    Sunny coffee sale to support your association

    Not just any coffee, but the first coffee slowly roasted on solar energy. Direct, FairTrade and/or organic from the local coffee roastery near Leuven. Our solar coffee sale gives your association a boost; with 25% profit for your organisation, and... little effort. The original and sustainable alternative to yet another waffle sale.

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    simply good coffee


    This yields a nice amount, if you know that 80% of adults drink coffee. If you sell 100 samples of coffee with your association, the campaign will generate €375.  Moreover, you are contributing to the sustainable objectives of your youth movement and you are avoiding products with a lot of sugar or alcohol.


    With a standard coffee package, handling remains simple. We package the order per coffee package and delivery is made in one go to an agreed address, at no extra cost. And of course we are happy to share with you our script with useful tips & tricks. 25% of sales benefit your association.

    solar power
    Lieze, your personal barista

    sustainable together

    15 million tons of CO2 per year: that’s what we can reduce by eliminating fossil-fueled roasting.  And we want to do that together, for our children: together with coffee drinkers, together with associations, together with schools. Through this campaign, you help to realize this sustainable mission .

    3 coffees at €15

    We put together a package with sunny coffees from Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil (3x 250g) direct- or FairTrade and 100% arabica. As an association, you offer this package for €15 to your members, parents, sympathisers, local residents.... The effective value of the package is higher (€22.5), allowing those ordering to enjoy additional benefits.

    You can always choose between 'beans' or 'ground' coffee.

    solar power

    more info on the sunny coffee sale?

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