Hello Jo

Meet Jo.

She gets the honor of being our first 'Sunny person'. We met her when she served Ray & Jules at the neighborhood party in her street. The sun, delicious coffee... What more does a person need to organize a memorable street party?!

This is Jo:

"I love nature and people, and coffee of course :-) I am a mother of 3 children and unfortunately the only coffee drinker in the house, because sharing delicious things is so much more fun than doing them alone . My last 'sunny' act was bringing people together at a street party with delicious Ray & Jules coffee because we are fans of sustainability. Fun!"

In the morning I enjoy my coffee, a moment of silence in the morning rush

"Our eldest son started making Iced Coffees with lots of milk and sugar, an adolescent step towards a real coffee to drink together :-)?

My favorite coffee time is in the morning. Take a moment during the morning rush, enjoying a cup of Fruity Franny. Ray & Jules is a brand with a mission and that of course makes the coffee even better!"

Why is Jo a sunny person

I try to look for a bright spot in every situation and pay attention to it, to be grateful for what is there.
Jo's favorite coffee: Fruity Franny

A ray of sunshine at your neighborhood party

We cannot guarantee good weather, but we can guarantee good coffee . Is your street organizing a neighborhood party this summer holiday?

Last summer we selected 2 parties to which we sent a free Ray & Jules fun package.

We will soon open applications again.

Are you also a Sunny person?

Are you a fan of our coffee? Are you positive, hopeful and would you like to make a (small) difference? Then you are also a Sunny Person! Come join us, tell us why you are a fan and help us get our message out into the world!

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