Lekkere Koffie


    A weakness for fresh coffees with floral notes? This unique, delicate coffee has a soft aroma with lots of fruit.

    • 100% arabica beans from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo (EthiopiĆ«)
    • organic coffee


    This fine coffee comes from the Limmu Kossa Estate, ("Galeh" named after the micro-region it comes from). The estate, the largest family-owned coffee farm, consists of over 350 hectares of land and the altitude ranges from 1840 to 2130m. Farmers work with Ethiopian heirloom varieties and harvesting takes place from November to January.

    6 cups of sustainable coffee
    6 cups of sustainable coffee

    Producers & Cooperative

    Giday Berhe began his career as a coffee merchant in 1993 and in the following years opened wet and dry mills in Jimma to supply the market with quality coffee. In 2000, Giday established Limmu Kossa in the village of Galeh in Jimma, and today the farm employs 500 full-time workers who grow outstanding Ethiopian coffee varieties year-round on 356 hectares of land.


    Natural: "naturally processed coffee" ie the fully ripe berries are spread evenly on raised beds and turned very regularly to prevent mould growth (especially in the first few days). Dried in the sun for at least 12 days. Natural processing is 10x less water intensive than washed coffee, and thus more ecological!

    Variety: Heirloom (old varieties passed on from generation to generation).

    Importer: This Side Up

    6 cups of sustainable coffee