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    Sisters Surprise 'El Chocó'

    Another gem from Colombia, this time ism Velvet coffee. A full-bodied coffee with notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

    • 100% arabica
    • direct trade via Velvet coffee
    • not BIO but the area is so inhospitable and difficult to access that in reality few pesticide sellers have found their way to this region
    Chocó is a stunning but underdeveloped region due to its inaccessibility. The locals are very happy with this collab, allowing them to export their coffees.


    This coffee is grown between 1700 and 1900 metres, near Carmen de Atrato in Chocó. Chocó is a department in western Colombia, a beautiful region with unique ecosystems and untapped natural resources. Yet this is a very deprived region because no further work has ever been done on a major highway that would connect Chocó to the nearest major city of Medellín.

    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica with Fernando at the coffee plantation

    As a result, the population of Chocó is cut off from urgent medical care, a reliable electricity grid, sanitation, potable water and food. So the producers of this coffee are very happy with the cooperation that Velvet coffee started.

    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica with Fernando at the coffee plantation


    This coffee is truly the epitome of "Direct Trade": we work with Annelise of Grounds Costa Rica (in the photo you can see her with Fernando) who handles the logistics and put us in touch with Fernando & Angie's Finca.

    What do you taste?

    'Hazelnut & dark chocolate'

    An extraordinary coffee with notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, orange, citrus.

    Recommended brewing method: espresso or bialetti.

    Hybrid coffee plant at plantation Finca Sebastian

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